The Never Summer Hood trip was sick. I was chillin at my house when Decicco hit me up and asked if they could swoop me on their way from Colorado to Hood for a session at Windells. Of course I was stoked and down. The crew of Nick Decicco, Chris Lynch and Ryan Cruze “RC” showed up late one night and we were outta Salt Lake the next morning at Sunrise. With it being an 11-12 hour drive directly west into the sun and in mid summer, it was hot as f***. It’s wild to believe that when it’s 100+ degrees you can still go snowboarding. We stopped along the way only for Gas and to bang out some Skate tricks. RC got a different trick at every stop and it was sick. We rolled into the Windells and met up with the rest of the crew, Rick and Bill Rodriguez, Ryan Stephens and photographer Kevin Westenbarger. Right before sunset we got busy setting up our tents in “Tent Village”. Tent village is a bunch of tents behind the Arc(employee housing at Windells) around a sick pond in the woods right below Mt Hood. With base camp set up, we rolled over to the camp for an awesome skate session inside “BOB” the indoor skate facility at Windells. The Shredding started the next morning and for the next 6 days we would Snowboard and skate the days away in the unreal snow and skate parks at Windells. Riding at windells in the middle of summer is riding the sickest park in the country with soft slushy snow and perfect warm weather. What more could you ask for? We were hanging out in the beautiful […]