Winner of the Echo Mountain, CO Signature Feature Photo Jam

The first ever Colorado Never Summer Signature Feature Photo Jam took place at Echo Mountain on Saturday January 21. Echo Mountain hosts two NS Signature Features so the competitors had twice the chance to win. The turn out was awesome and we came away with some excellent photos. Big thanks to V.I.O. POV.HD cameras and Echo Mountain for sponsoring the event. Here’s the winning photos! Congratulations to Andrew Dereniuk, Brook Corning and Chris Corning.

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Just in time for SIA 2012 – “Shred ‘Em All” Interactive Video Trailer

Never Summer is always on the forefront of cutting edge technology. Today we are debuting our first Interactive Video using Clvr.Tv’s video player to rep the Shred ‘Em All trailer just in time for SIA 2012 in Denver. Look for interactive hotspots in the video to click on to get more info and options to buy products, like NS on your favorite social site from inside the video. Share items with your friends through facebook and twitter to allow them direct links back to the items you shared at the moment they appeared in the video. The future of video is changing and we are excited to be pushing the limits to deliver a better experience for our viewers.

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Winners of the Cannonsburg, MI Signature Feature Photo Jam

Never Summer headed to Cannonsburg, MI for the third installment of this years Signature Feature Photo Jam, brought to you by V.I.O. POV.HD Cameras. Cannonsburg features the Never Summer Signature Rainbow Down Box. Here are the winning photos! Congrats to Marc Moline, Sam Ralston, and Jalen Sella.

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Park laps at the Canyons with NS Team Riders Jason Hindman and Tom Flocco

A beautiful day in Utah and a sweet park at the Canyons means Never Summer Team Riders Jason Hindman and Tom Flocco are there. Coop on the cover…WHAT!

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Winners of the Tyrol Bason, WI Signature Feature Photo Jam

Tyrol Basin has had a Never Summer Signature Flat Box Terrain Park Feature since last season. Last week Never Summer brought the Signature Feature Photo Jam to Tyrol for the second time. Once again we had an awesome turn out and came away with some fantastic photos. Here’s the winners of the 2nd Annual Never Summer Signature Feature Photo Jam at Tyrol Basin, brought to you by V.I.O. POV.HD Cameras.

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Winners of the Granite Peak, WI Signature Feature Photo Jam

Last week we trucked the Never Summer Signature Launch Box Terrain Park Feature up to Granite Peak, WI for the Never Summer Signature Feature Photo Jam, brought to you by V.I.O. POV.HD Cameras. Here are the winning photos! The feature will be staying at Granite Peak so if you’d like to session it for yourself just head to Granite Peak.

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Never Summer “Shred ‘em All” (Sec 6)

Section 6 of the segmented public release of this seasons Never Summer shred flick “Shred ‘em All” features Jake Williams, Rajat Bayani, Jason Elms, and Nick Decicco. In the near future the entire movie will be available for download here on under “Other Stuff”>”Movies”>”Shred ‘em All”.

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Never Summer “Shred ‘em All” (Sec 3)

It’s finally here…The lost Section 3 of Never Summer’s shred flick “Shred ‘em All”! Check out Chris “Chach” Chance, Chris Lynch, and Cooper Hoffmeister having fun shredding everything everywhere they go.

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Never Summer Crew visits Woodward at Copper

Ryan Cruze, Jake Williams, Chris Lynch, Collin Backowski, and Tyler Kulich headed up to Woodward at Copper to session their new on snow setup. Big thanks to Jason George and Woodward at Copper for having us. If you purchased a 2011/12 Never Summer Snowboard this season you are entitled to a $150.00 discount to the week 2 Never Summer sponsored Woodward at Copper summer camp session. You are also entitled to 25% off a Winter Day Camp admission this season. Don’t forget to enter Never Summer’s Ticket to Shred for a chance at a free spot in this seasons Never Summer sponsored Woodward at Copper Summer Camp session!

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Never Summer’s reputation of quality and durability began in the early years of snowboarding. Designing and building snowboards since 1983 has given us years of experience in testing and perfecting our snowboard designs and construction methods. We’ve recently taken this experience building snowboards and brought it to the world of longboarding. The end result of our experience coupled with a close working relationship with the world’s leading raw materials manufacturers and engineers allows us to bring you the most durable, high performance boards on the planet! Each board is carefully handcrafted in our Denver, Colorado factory to precision tolerances. Our domestic manufacturing and our ability to improve upon existing technologies resulted in Never Summer being awarded the first patent on any type of hybrid camber technology. We allow only the world’s best snowboard shops to sell our products. Focusing less on excessive promotion and hype, and more on using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, and customer service has made Never Summer the world’s premier independent board company.
~Tracey and Tim Canaday