Never Summer Colorado Dreaming

Cameron Lawrence is Colorado Dreaming as he hits the snow and the streets in the same day/night.

Never Summer Soldier

Incase you didn’t get enough of the Never Summer Soldier a couple of weeks ago we’re bringing it back again this week. The Soldier is Never Summer Team rider Cameron Lawrence’s favorite board…we can’t seem to get him off it!

Longboarding at Woodward @ Copper Snowboard Camp

Last week at summer camp Woodward @ Copper introduced a new camp activity with their fleet of Never Summer Longboards. Woodward @ Copper has several awesome spots for longboard shredding and the longboarding activity is quickly becoming one of the most popular camp activities. We’re psyched that Woodward is now able to introduce the sport to dozens of new long boarders each week!

2012 Never Summer Soldier ridden by Cameron Lawrence

The Never Summer Soldier is the bomb when you’re bombing hills. Super fast, low center of gravity, and locks your feet in like a vice. Check out the GoPro footy from the camera mounted to the deck for an up close and personal look at speed and stability.

The Never Summer Revolt and Tyrant longboards take Sean Knapp and Ross Lietz switchbacking!

We made the Tyrant a drop-thru. Told you it was stiff, low, fast. The ultimate in street slaying versatility. We told you the Revolt was the ultimate freeride deck. Just cruising or hitting the steepest switchback we told you this deck does it all. Sean Knapp and Ross Lietz wanted to prove it. We let them…

Shredding the Never Summer Heist DT

The Never Summer Heist is often imitated, never duplicated. Cameron Lawrence is often imitated, never duplicated. The Heist DT is a born leader in freeride flex decks and Cameron Lawrence is a born freeride flex deck shredder. Check them both out right here.

2012 Never Summer Soldier

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the 2012 Never Summer Soldier. The Soldier is a beast of a downhill longboard. The drop-thru rocker profile lowers your center of gravity for better stability and locks your feet in like a vice. Our exclusive VLSC construction provides a responsive and stable platform while the RDS Ride Stabilization smooths out even the roughest of roads.
42″ long x 10″ wide
34.5″ wheel base

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The Never Summer Longboard Revolution

Spring has sprung early here in Colorado! Unfortunately Mother Nature didn’t treat us very well on the snow side this year. Fortunately that means we’ve been able to dust off our longboards early and shred some asphalt…in April. Every cloud, or lack there of, has a silver lining. Check out this mini-movie from last years highlights to get you pumped up for some longboarding!
The 2012 Never Summer Longboard lineup has been posted right here on the website…check it out!

The Revolt

What can we say? Never Summer loves Colorado and we love a good longboard slide…dirt slides, cement slides, asphalt sides, and even puddle slides. Mark Riley is back at it again showing you what longboard freeriding is all about. This time Mark is rocking the Never Summer Revolt. Freeriding isn’t the future, it’s the present and that’s why you too should be rocking the Never Summer Revolt.

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Never Summer's reputation of quality and durability began in the early years of snowboarding. Designing and building snowboards since 1983 has given us years of experience in testing and perfecting our snowboard designs and construction methods. We’ve recently taken this experience building snowboards and brought it to the world of longboarding. The end result of our experience coupled with a close working relationship with the world's leading raw materials manufacturers and engineers allows us to bring you the most durable, high performance boards on the planet! Each board is carefully handcrafted in our Denver, Colorado factory to precision tolerances. Our domestic manufacturing and our ability to improve upon existing technologies resulted in Never Summer being awarded the first patent on any type of hybrid camber technology. We allow only the world's best snowboard shops to sell our products. Focusing less on excessive promotion and hype, and more on using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, and customer service has made Never Summer the world's premier independent board company.
~Tracey and Tim Canaday