It’s a little too hot outside and lets face it, by now we’re all itching for some powder! Last winter finally came around and delivered the goods. With production slowing down at the factory, we’re far from exhausted, but rather stupefied with happiness and can’t wait to ride. Presenting, the world premiere of Never Summer’s “Slap Happy”!

On September 14th Never Summer will premiere our new movie ‘Slap Happy’ at Snowboard on the Block: 2013 North American Snowboard Film Festival! Come join us in celebrating punch-drunk powder shots!

Artist-Tin Horn Prayer
Album-Grapple the Rails

Billy Rodriguez, Bo Warren, Jason Hindman, Cooper Sclar, Chris Corning,Brock Butterfield, Devin Whiteley, Cooper Hoffmeister, Justin Henigin, Jacob Carey, Nick Larson, Taylor Pfaff, Ryan Stephens, Sean Fithian, Andrew Buergin, Tony Pavlantos, Jason Elms, Bryon Bagwell, Charlie Hoch, Austin Gibney, Brady Farr

Old Smokey
Snowboard Colorado
Monster Energy
Breckenridge Brewery
Cheetah Factory Racing