Never Summer UK rider, Sascha Hamm, places third as a newcomer at the Freeride World Tour! Sascha, born in Vienna, Austria, showed up ready to ride on March 29th at the infamous Bec de Rosses. Though Sascha fell, his speed and technicality is what won the Bronze. Sascha is the only other snowboarder besides the legendary Xavier de le Rue to go down the ‘Hollywood Cliff’ on the Bec de Rosses. Placing third in the world is not the only thing Sascha did that day. Sascha also made history being the first ever Brit to place in the FWT, and the best ever British finish at the Verbier Xtreme!

Sascha had no hesitation in choosing the difficult line of the ‘Hollywood Cliff’ attempting to land 2 big cliff drops. Bombing down a mountain face, Sascha went incredibly fast reaching 80kmph. This is Sascha’s second podium of the tour giving him a spot on the overall podium with his Never Summer Raptor. Congrats Sascha Hamm for taking third! Enjoy the rest of the season freeriding, we look forward to what you can do next year!