Sean Smith, 41 years old, was the heart-and-soul father figure of a small skate community of 20 or so guys, ranging from 16 to 42 years old that would storm the surrounding foothills of the Central Valley every weekend.  One day this past July, Sean began to push the limits in hopes of passing another rider for the lead.  In doing this, his speed sucked him into the opposite lane of traffic and caused him to collide with an oncoming vehicle.  He had his helmet strapped on as well as all his other protective gear, but it still wasn’t enough to save him. Sean passed away later that afternoon.

The same drive and passion that Sean displayed towards longboarding is now in the hands of the younger generation of skaters.  His stoke and passion for longboarding has multiplied a million times over.  The Wonder Valley Race has been previously put on by Sean Smith but is now in the hands of another. This is being done in efforts to keep Sean and Savy’s stoke alive and well.

The race is being held Friday, September 24 through Sunday, September 26. Race fee is $30 and covers the cost of gas, food, and camping. The race is open to all ages. No helmet, no skate. This is an outlaw event.

Prizes will be awarded and first place walks away with a board crafted by Steve Guillen of Boards by G. Swag and prizes have been donated by Never Summer, Venom, Kracked Skulls, Stoked Skateboards, Khiro, Daddies Boardshop, Radar, Timeship Racing, Bustin, Sundae Skates, Phat Deanz, C R Boardworks, Roger Bros, Gunmetal Trucks, and The Boardroom.