At Never Summer Industries we enjoy a close relationship with our retailers and consumers. We revel in the fact that when you buy a Never Summer that board comes with a sense of pride and ownership in Never Summer. We thought we’d let you have a look behind the scenes at the people who make it all happen along with some of the benefits they enjoy.

Stay tuned for more profiles in the coming weeks!

Gino Sasso, Assistant Longboard Manager, 1 year at NS, 1 season on snow; Gino is our resident sports encyclopedia and is the proud father of Jordan Sasso.

Jon Meier, Finishing, .5 years at NS, 7 years on snow; Jon "Napolean Dynamite" came to NS as a skate intern and worked his way into a finishing position. His love for Ligers, the outdoors, and gear prompted his desire to build our products. He is also the only NS employee ever to call in sick on his first day.

Bill Keeney, Programmable Wide Sander Technician, 1 year at NS, 12 years on snow; With great care and expertise Bill mills our custom wood cores to the thousandth of an inch. He uses a programmable wide belt sander which is one of a handful on the North American continent.

Tony Evans, Cut and Finish, 1 year at NS, 14 years on snow; After years spent on the retail side of snowboarding Big Tony decided to head to Colorado to get his shred on and learn to make boards from the best.

Seth Wahlert, Finishing/Quality Control, 6 years at NS, 15 years on snow, 4 years on longboards; When Seth isn't making fine snowboards or peeling himself off the asphalt he is peeling salmon off a fishing boat in Alaska.

Chris' Harry Potter board

Chris Harris, Marketing and Promotions Manager, 1 year at NS, 24 years on snow; A New Yorker with a frequently foul mouth Chris came to Never Summer after putting Echo Mountain on the map. He is obsessed with Harry Potter and snowboarding which explains the board... If only Hermione Granger snowboarded.

Shawna Paoli, Intern Extrodinaire, .5 years at NS, 9 years on snow; Shawna was born 30 years too late since she loves the Jam Bands... Loves working at Never Summer for free and has a huge crush on Napoleon Dynamite. Shawna is working on a Marketing degree at CU and her bulldog Rosie can't wait to live the high life when she starts getting paid...