At Never Summer Industries we enjoy a close relationship with our retailers and consumers. We revel in the fact that when you buy a Never Summer that board comes with a sense of pride and ownership in Never Summer. We thought we’d let you have a look behind the scenes at the people who make it all happen along with some of the benefits they enjoy.

Stay tuned for more profiles in the coming weeks!

Sean MacAllister, VP Sales/Longboard Director, 17 years at Never Summer, 26 years snowboarding, 31 years skating; Sean is an awesome example of one of the greatest things about working at Never Summer...Promoting from within. Sean started at Never Summer building snowboards and through the years worked his way up to Vice President. Sean is a major reason Never Summer is the success it is today. He brought longboard production to NS and is now establishing a new Never Summer venture called NSA Wheels.

Daniel Flores, Print/Sublimation Facility Manager, 7 years at NS; Daniel is the master of Carbonium and resident IT guy. Daniel runs the print shop located in the original Never Summer factory. He is also credited with turning the office staff onto Tortas.

Tracey "TC" Canaday, The Boss, 20 years at NS, 28 years on snow; TC loves to roost snow and dirt. Shown here with his custom Never Summer YZ450. Check the plate...91 for the year NS was founded.

Mario Sequeiro, Cassette/Base Prep, 9 years at NS; Mario is an avid runner and also likes riding his bike along the Platte River. Mario loves his job and this pride ensures that each NS board turn out second to none.

Justin Lindel, Cut/finish/side grind, 4 years at NS, 13 years on snow; When Justin isn't launching his Assault Longboard off our loading dock he's launching himself out of airplanes. Justin is an avid skydirver with over 100 jumps.


Javier Lamas, Edge Installation, 5 years at Never Summer, 6 years longboarding; Between working two jobs Javier spends his free time bombing hills and cranking turns on his Heist longboard.

Micah "Mizza" Angel, Operations and Production Scheduling Manager, 6 years at Never Summer, 14 years on snow; Micah started at NS as an intern, got hired in the shipping department and tapered cores in the wood shop before working his way to the office as Purchasing Manager. He also developed his own martial art called "Rad-fighting".

Jose "Pepino" Chavarria, Edge Prep, 8 years at Never Summer; Pepino enjoys playing with his two kids, Emilio and Sherly, and playing soccer with friends.

Jared "JROD" White, Shipping/Inventory Manager, 4 years at NS, 19 years on snow; JROD started at NS as an intern. Check out his custom Raptor base graphic.'s