At Never Summer Industries we enjoy a close relationship with our retailers and consumers. We revel in the fact that when you buy a Never Summer that board comes with a sense of pride and ownership in Never Summer. We thought we’d let you have a look behind the scenes at the people who make it all happen along with some of the benefits they enjoy.

Stay tuned for more profiles in the coming weeks!


Check out the enhanced eagle-SL top sheet on Chris Winchell's Raptor

Donald "Donny" Budlong, Press Operator/Quality Control, 2 years at NS, 22 years on snow; Coming to NS from working at snowboard shops in Bozeman, MT, Donny is an avid rock climber. The inspiration for his custom F1 top sheet came from his tats.

Chris Winchell, Press Operator/Quality Control, 4 years at NS, 3 years on snow; Chris used our 2010/11 SL graphic and added the killer blue shadow for his custom Revolver. On the base Chris hand cut each piece.

Luis Ibarra, Lay-up, 10 years at NS; Luis a master of his craft. He once made 35 snowboards in one day. His precision and attention to detail are second to none. In his spare time he is a DJ and enjoys working on cars.

Mike "Gags" Gagliardi, Snow Sales Manager, Has always been at NS, Has been on snow since the beginning of time; Has been known as Gags since the third grade. Mike cut and set up his custom NoBoard out of a 2010/11 F1 Premier.

Tomas Aguayo, Core Manufacturing, 1 year at NS; Came to NS after working in the coffee industry. Tomas uses his coffee connections to keep Memo and crew caffeinated. Dreams of once again fishing for Tilapia on the Rio Lerma.

Steve "Kansas" Arpin, 1 year at NS, 3 years on snow; The only corn Kansas is harvesting now is our spring snow. Steve's custom Heritage was the inspiration for a future limited run of boards for one of our flagship retailers.

Adam Baker, Quality Control/Finishing, 4 years at NS, 11 years on snow; Adam's top sheet is a satellite image of Keystone Mountain, one of his favorite places to ride.

Victor "Gato" Sanchez, Finishing, 3 years at NS; El Gato Loco's agility grinding boards is as uncanny as his prowess on the basketball court. He enjoys tacos y cerveza at Jorge's Friday Afternoon Parking Lot Grill.