At Never Summer Industries we enjoy the close relationship we have with our retailers and consumers.  We revel in the fact that when you purchase a Never Summer that board comes with a sense of pride and ownership in Never Summer.  We thought we’d let you have a look behind the scenes at the people who make it all happen and some of the benefits they enjoy.

Stay tuned for more profiles in the coming weeks!

Cuauhtemoc "Memo" Tiscaren, Production Manager, 16 years at NS, 15 years on snow; Memo hails from Zacatecas, Mexico and has worked with wood most of his life. He's "The Man"!

Jeremy "Jezza" Salyer, Art/Marketing Director, 9 years at NS, 22 years on snow; After designing the board graphics you've come to know and love, Jeremy wanted to pay homage to his personal ottoman, dog Tristen, in his current board. Jezza enjoys romantic walks to the liquor store, jolly ranchers, and prime numbers.

Oscar Montoya, Lay-up, 8 years at NS; In addition to building the best boards on the planet, Oscar was the forward on our championship team in the 2006 Christian Soccer tournament. He keeps in shape in the off season by running.

Derek Howell, Production Supervisor, 4 years at NS, 12 years on snow; Derek is an Native American and the wolf, peace pipe, and tomahawk hand cut out for his base represent the Pawnee Tribal Seal. He is also a champion pow wow dancer.

Jose P. Dalton, Repairs and Alterations "Master Tech", 6 years at NS, 15 years on snow; Jose is one of the best techs in the nation, if not the world. He has done thousands of repairs for our loyal customers. He built this custom Evo Grom for his nephew.

Justin "Juice" Blaho, Production Supervisor, 16 years at NS, 20 years on snow; Artist and air brusher Justin built this custom when the Broncos won the Super Bowl in '97. Around the same time Juice started charging Vail's back bowls.

Yolanda Tiscareno, Die-Cut Press Operator, 8 years at NS; Mother of four grown children and sister to our Production Manager Memo, Yolanda is an amazing cook. She not only prepares our distinct base die-cuts also a mean Chile de Arbol Salsa.

Jordan Nelson, Skate Tech/Quality Check, 1 year at NS; Jordan used the base template of our 2011/12 Heritage to die-cut the Colorado grip tape for his custom Heist V2. In his spare time he plays rugby for the Glendale Raptors.

Marta Villanueva, Base Die Prep, 3 years at NS; Loving mother to her five children, Marta takes equal pride in making sure each die is properly pressed. She loves to cook in her spare time.

Tony Sasgen, International/MidWest/NorCal Sales Rep, 7 years at NS, 22 years on snow; Tony worked his way up from intern to International Sales Manager. Check the maps in the background targeting future world domination...