At Never Summer Industries we enjoy the close relationship we have with our retailers and consumers.  We revel in the fact that when you purchase a Never Summer that board comes with a sense of pride and ownership in Never Summer.  We thought we’d let you have a look behind the scenes at the people who make it all happen and some of the benefits they enjoy.

Stay tuned for more profiles in the coming weeks!

Gabe Maldonado, Office Manager, 10 years at NS, 4 years longboarding: Colorado native who grew up in Denver. Life long Broncos fan.

Tim Canaday, Owner, Designer and Engineer, 20 years at NS, 28 seasons on snow: Tim is holding a "mystery" 2012/13 all mountain freestyle board.

Dom Maxey, Cut/Sidewall Finishing, 8 years at NS, 16 years on snow: While getting a personal factory tour from owner Tracey Canaday, TC noticed his Kareem Abdul-Jabbar like wingspan and immediately thought "side edge grinder". Dom loved the idea, left his job, and later created his custom Carbonium Heritage.

Dom's cutom Carbonium Heritage

Vince "VMan" Sanders, Product Development, 2 years at NS, 29 years on snow: Shown here with "My Precious", one of the original NS factory splits. Since combining forces they have been on an eternal powder quest.

Roberto Moya, Fiberglass Prep/Lay-up, 5 years at NS: A soccer defense specialist Roberto has mucho familial, 13 brothers. Here he prepares another sheet of our high-end fiberglass.

Jason White, Product Designer/Print Specialist, 5 years at NS, 16 years on snow: In addition to designing kickass longboards like our new Revolt, Jason loves a huge rack (he designed and built the rack behind him).

Othoniel Montoya, Lay-up, 11 years at NS: Othoneil is Pablo's big brother and is the proud father of Jenny, Karol and has a new baby boy, Axel. He's responsible for laying up our premium longboards and making the Ferrari of snowboards, NS splits.

Bentley Blaho, Finishing Supervisor, 16 years at NS, 30 years on snow: As a side project Bentley, along with his brother Justin, built 135 splitboards over the course of 12 years. They continue this legacy today designing, cutting, mounting, and finishing all of our factory splits.

Bentley's custom split

Jorge "Mexican Hulk" Garcia, Base Grinder Extraordinaire, 10 years at NS: Jorge loves soccer. He's been known to set up a 46" plasma TV above the grinders during the World Cup. Jorge is responsible for the Friday parking lot grilling of carne asada for the boys.

Pablo Montoya, Core Preparation, 11 years at NS: Pablo is shown here mapping out the Carbon V's on some Heritage wood cores. He enjoys soccer and playtime with his daughters Fatima and Daniella. Everything at NS is "Ok, Allrighhtt!" with Pablo.