Never Summer utilizes the following exclusive quality materials and features in our longboards:

FCC Construction

Flex Control Composite (FCC) construction combines bi-directional fiberglass and a vertically laminated core milled to the thousandth of an inch for consistent flex patterns.

P-TECH Nose and Tail Protection

Never Summer Industries pioneered the use of UHMW polyethylene, better known as P-Tex, in the sidewalls of our snowboards due to it’s durability and ease of repair. Seamless integration of the same proven P-Tex into the nose and tail of our longboards provides an unmatched level of protection and durability.

RDS Ride Stabilization

RDS, our Rubber Damping System, provides unmatched stability and Never Summer’s signature smooth ride.  RDS uses elastomeric rubber foil laminates that absorb vibrations from the trucks. This improves overall stability and helps to reduce foot fatigue.

DuraPic Graphics

We sublimate our graphics onto a co-extruded thermoplastic sheet that is scratch and chip resistant. DuraPic provides unequaled protection to the integrity of the lower structural laminates while holding up to the inherent wear and tear of longboarding.

Carbonium Durapic

Used on all the models in our Carbonium Series, this exclusive material has a carbon weave visual with a matte finish.  Carbonium’s carbon fiber texture not only looks great, but is even more resistant to scratching and chipping.

VLSC Split Core Technology

For the Soldier Never Summer presses two vertically
laminated Poplar cores into one, creating a stiff and solid platform.  A light, yet incredibly durable deck that can handle the high speeds that are required of the Soldier.


Rocker lowers your center of gravity for better stability. Combine this with
concave and it locks your feet in like a vice. Rocker allows for easier pushing while
increasing foot hold and responsiveness.


Our exclusive Flex Deck Construction combines precisely milled horizontal
laminates and bidirectional fiberglass to create the ultimate flex deck platform. Strong, snappy and durable.