Never Summer has partnered with Concrete Wave on their Passport Program and is on the Warped Tour to help connect the attendees with non-profits and charitys.  Check back soon for more of your favorite bands and Never Summer

Here is the deal with the passport program:

Each year the Warped Tour not only brings you great bands and a good times, but also offers an opportunity connect with great non-profit organizations that are present within the community. This year Goldcoast and Concrete Wave Magazine have come up with a unique promotion.

To enter the program simply logon to: Here you will learn about different organizations like peta2, Keep-A-Breast, Unite the United, Boarding for Breast Cancer, and Create a Skate.

A number of unique prizes will be given out over the next six months, including 12 signed mystery gifts from 6 bands, Tons of Longboards from Never Summer Industries, 6 Complete Longboards from Goldcoast, 6 pairs of Troy Sunglasses and 6 prize packs from Concrete Wave Magazine, which includes a subscription and a bunch of other fun stuff!