Name – Ryan Cruze aka RC
Local Mountain – Keystone
Fav Board and Why? – 59 Revolver. Right size for the wide foot plus flex, float, oliie, it’s my ideal board
Fav Riding Spot- Red Mtn Pass (Deep snow, relatively uncrowded)
Sponsors – Never Summer, CandyGrind, Smith Optics, 686, Keystone
Thanks to – All the Family and all the sponsors, so lucky to live the life I do being on the snow almost everyday!
Words of wisdom – It’ll come to me

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Name – Chris “Chach” Chance
Local Mountain – Keystone
Fav Board and Why? – Evo… this board does anything, anywhur!
Fav Riding Spot – Freeway trip sec on a blue bird day with all my right homies
Sponsors – Neversummer, 32, Osiris shoes, Dragon, Candy Grind, 88 mph, A Team
Thanks To – All the peeps that have as much fun as I do, lifes too short, enjoy urslef!!
Words of wisdom- Someone always is worse off than u, stay up, being down is a waste of time… see u guys out on the hill !!

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Name – Jason Hindman
Local Mountain – Canyons Resort, Park City UT
Fav Board and Why – I like the Evo and 153 Revolver…Graphics are sick and the Rocker Camber Technology is “so good, you’ll wanna slap yo mama”
Fav Riding Spot – Canyons Resort. It’s got a good vibe, it’s huge, and the park has some real creative features that are setup legit…none of that ride on garbage.
Sponsors – Canyons Resort, Never Summer, Oakley, Neuro Beverages
Thanks to – Everyone at Never Summer and Canyons, Kim at Oakley, Carter, Tall Todd, my Family, Coop, Autumn, and all my friends.
Words of Wisdom – If life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a watergun and shoot other people in the eyes.

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Name – Ben Millsaps
Local Mountain – The Canyons Resort
Fav Board and Why? – 153 Revolver – It’s quick on the jibs, yet wide enough for my big feet.
Fav Riding Spot – Canyons Park . Always fresh lips, best park crew around.
Sponsors – Never Summer, Billabong, S4 Optics, DVLP, The Canyons Resort, Max Snowboard Shop, The Wild Tribe
Thanks To – Everyone at Adam Hill dentistry in Boone for fixing my sharktooth.
Words of Wisdom – Never tell a cop that you know your rights.

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Name – Chris J. Lynch
Local Mountain – Breckenhood
Fav Board and Why? – Revolver -She’ll never talk back!
Fav Riding Spot – Jib Alley
Sponsors – Never Summer, Bluebird Wax, Osiris Shoes, JSLV
Thanks To – My Mom,Family and the NS CREW
Sleep when your DEAD

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Name – Tony Pavlantos
Local Mountain – Brighton Resort
Fav Board and Why? – Revolver. The most versatile, forgiving yet stable stick I could strap on and call my own. Not too many boards ride like they are a part of you as this one does.
Fav Riding Spot – Wasatch your back.
Sponsors – Never Summer, The BZ
Thanks to – The lake effect!
Words of wisdom – You may love the mountains but the mountains don’t know how to love you.

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Name – Lakota Sage
Local Mountain – Echo Mountain
Fav Board and Why? – Never Summer Evo because she’s a naughty girl and I know how to tame her.
Fav Riding Spot – Southern Colorado and New Zealand
Sponsors – Never Summer, Bolle, Northwave/Drake, 686, Verizon Wireless, Evergreen Glass, Smiling Moose Deli, Echo Mountain, MOB Skateboards, 720 Boardshop, Native Gorillas
Thanks To – My family, my girlfriend, awesome friends, Native Gorillas, and everyone who helps support me.
Words of wisdom – Eat, Shred, Queef.

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Name – Charlie Hoch
Local Mountain – Wolf Creek/Silverton
Fav Board and Why? – I ride the SL and Revolver depending on the day and what terrain I’m riding. The RC tech kills it in any snowpack from groomer to blower pow. So really both boards can be rode on either terrain, but sometimes you want the stiffer board for the steeps and sometimes you just want a little extra bend in ‘er, ya know.
Fav Riding Spot – The San Juan mountains north to south, and wherever there’s good people and good snow.
Sponsors- Never Summer, Smith Optics, Bonfire, Summit Ski and Sports
Thanks To – Mom and Dad, Bruce, Jeremiah and the cabin crew, Gags and the whole NS family, Jake P. and Axel, Anders P., Mike Thomas, Mike Hardaker, Moss, Terry “The Rat” Ratzlaff, shout out to all the Durango homies and the employees and good friends at Wolfy!
Words of Wisdom – Through and through, the turns stay true. Ride Always.

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Name – Ryan Stephens
Local Mountain – Mount Hood
Favorite board – Legacy, because a 56 will float me in pow and still have a lot of fun in the park, while not slowing transition from edge to edge down on groomers
Favorite Riding Spot – Mt. Saint Helens, Mount Adams, Eastern Oregon. The northwest in general and anywhere I’m chest deep in pow landings!!
Sponsors – Neversummer, Trew Gear / sponsors are not really what snowboarding is about for me; but ill take’em
Thanks To – everyone!! The list would be too long and soo many people have helped me along the way!! So i’m just sayin’ mom and dad!
Words of Wisdom – Excuses are like assholes, everyone’s got em but don’t nobody wanna admit it!

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