Name – Billy “Bill Mode” Rodriguez
Local Mountain – Beaver Creek, Colorado
Fav Board and Why? – 156 Revolver – The Revolver is the best board in my mind and the reasons are in high speed situations, it works well and keep you stable at speed. It’s a great board for big footed people like me. I feel like I’m the one in control not the board in control of me.
Fav Riding Spot – Mt. Hood, Oregon Windell’s snowboard park
Sponsors – Never Summer, Osiris shoes, Red Team, Jap Mob
Thanks To – Thanks to my family for always being there, Jab Mob for always making me happy, Jason and Nell Feins, Avon Liquor, Atmosphere Clothing, All the Julies and even the Helgas.
Words of Wisdom – You got to hit and quit it, bang bang bang on the drum