The 2nd Annual Never Summer Moto Jam was held this past weekend at Taylor park in Colorado. 120 of our friends and family, some new and some old, came out to join us. It rained Friday and was beautiful Saturday and Sunday making for some awesome riding and camping. If you made it thanks for coming…if you didn’t we hope to see you next year!

2nd Annual Never Summer Moto Jam commemorative tee-shirt.

Tee close up.

Flying the colors above the campsite.

View from the trail. More action behind the trees.

Happy campers.

Admiring the view.

Tiffany and Carly.

Ken, Jordan, and Troy.

So psyched.

Planning a route.

This is serious business.

Between rides.

Group start.

Free tees.

Moto Circus Tent.

Jesse and Carly.


“Dude it looks like we’re going to have to mountain bike somewhere else today…”

“Smell my armpits.”

Nova is the real deal.

This isn’t chocolate.

Micah and his boy.

Wyatt and Jordan.

The View.

The View II.

The View III

The View IV

Dinner time.

The Chairman and Ken.



Mini campfire.

Not so mini campfire.

Nobody said there was going to be a rave…

Moto rave.

Brothers Canaday.

Night from afar.

Pretty lights.

See you next year!